Taste Of Coffee Set

This set first appeared at Cons during the closing months of 2015, it represents a figure version of the “Taste Of Coffee” artwork by Acid Rain World creator Kit Lau when Bob is coaching Damien that “each man has his own mission”.

Included in the set are a Zamaii version of Agurts Infantry style Bob and Damien Figures and a diorama wall section with broken bricks. The Zamaii infantry appears to be similar to Agurts 88th Infantry except with a new look neck protection, extra pouches on the webgear, being a darker drab olive grey with longer soft-goods and Sol Commander Rifles.  Displayed beside Bob and Damien there is a mutilated limbless corpse figure, pieces are included in the set to add battle injury to a figure and a damaged Sol Commander helmet. To conclude the set is Bob's Diary and a bag of coffee beans. 


This set is to be released in November 2016.