Stronghold function
ST1 1

The ST-1 Stronghold is a large transformable vehicle developed and used by the faction of Agurts in the Acid Rain World. The primary function of the Stronghold is to provide cover and heavy fire support for smaller vehicles. A single pilot (usually a Sol Commander) operates these massive constructs and is responsible for both movement and weapons functions.

The Stronghold was developed from the industrial WF04-A Beaver, it was the first use of industrial armour being militarized. When Zamaii’s border came under attack form militant organisations there was a sudden need to introduce a efficient and effective counter weapon capable of causing considerable destruction and protecting the borders. The success of the ST-1 kick started the development of other industrial used armour towards militarization.

The ST-1 arsenal includes quad 90 mm machine guns placed on the cockpit for short to medium range attacks on infantry and light vehicles and 4 large missile tubes at the end of the “arms” for use against larger foes and fortifications. Strongholds are named “quad eyes” or “4 eyes” by infantry due to the extra protection offered by the 4 gun emplacements.

The “tank” mode of the Stronghold means the arms and legs fold away to create a bulky heavily armoured treaded vehicle capable of crossing difficult terrain, transporting haulage and laying down a carpet of machine gun fire into enemy ranks. Recently post battle analysis has insinuated that whilst Strongholds in this form are better protected, they are slower and can fall prey to anti-tank soldiers.  This has often led to a squad of three Speeder MK I Raptors being assigned to a ST-1 providing a guard of fast attack, mobility and the ability to cover a larger area.

When the ST-1 is transformed into humanoid “mech” mode this improves mobility and the pilot call fully utilise all of the most devastating weaponry. When standing straight the Stronghold reaches around 30 foot in height giving the cockpit “head” an excellent overview of a battle and safety behind an elevated thick viewing port. The vehicle can attach to the rear of The Chapel to create a heavily armed mobile command outpost.

Damien, the protagonist in the Acid Rain World story served at a Stronghold for a month before being stationed at Zamaii where he encountered Bob. He learns more about the history of the ST-1 from Bob’s notebook.

The Stronghold was one of the first Acid Rain World products released, during  Feb 2014 both Sand and Marine versions were available. Both sculpts are identically formed with the only differences apart from colour  being Marine is marked with 303rd division decals and the Sand version 88th relating it to the famous Agurts who travel into the Desert Of the Soil Ghosts. The Marine version of the ST-1 came with an Amifa poster on the inside of the access hatch implying the pilot is a fan whilst the Sand type came with numerous Agurts propaganda leaflets. There is also a small battery operated light which can be used to illuminate the cockpit. The packaging artwork depicts a female gas masked pilot but no information has been released whether this is an individual character,  future figure or just for artistic concept purposes. The ST-1 is the largest vehicle released in the Acid Rain World range, as there has recently been an introduction of “Arctic” style Agurts troops it is unclear whether there will be a snow style camouflaged Stronghold released in the future.