Steel (Bucks Team)

Steel is one of the 5 original members of Bucks Team. He specializes in operating a shoulder mounted rocket launcher which has potential to cause massive destruction to enemy vehicles, buildings or closely packed infantry squads. As this is Steel’s only armament he relies on other squad members to provide covering fire when he reloads or takes firing position.

Steel is shown in the Acid Rain World story as having a gruff strong personality, expressing frustration and impatience with younger Bucks Team member Jack. He is a soldier loyal to his former commander, accepting Bob’s decision to leave and a patriot to Agurts willing to defend his country without question,

"Old man has his own plan, it’s none of your business." Steel said

Steel was one of the first Bucks Team figures to be released along with Bob in Dec 2014, he comes with original armor and helmet/mask combo as well as a shoulder mounted rocket launcher, 3 rockets, a case for rockets and a clip to attach the launcher to his back.