Sol function

Sol Commanders

Sol Commanders are the designated pilots and operators of the Agurts & Zamaii mechanised war machine in the Acid Rain World. They operate the ST-1 Strongholds, Speeder MK II and potentially the Chapel, FB-7 Flak Bike, Medical Bike and various Laurels.

Sol Commanders are designated as being Sand therefore working in tandem with the 88th Agurts Infantry but they are also known to pilot Marine vehicles such as the ST-1 Stronghold.

Sols are armed with a long barrelled automatic rife ensuring they can keep enemy attacks at bay from distance. This gives the lightly armored pilots time to mobilise their vehicles whilst ensuring that the threat of close quarter explosive devices are kept to a minimum.

It is likely that Sol Commanders are adept at piloting but would also receive additional training in battlefield tactics, schematics of their vehicles, repair/engineering skills and communication abilities.

Sol Commanders were first released in Feb 2014 as a single figure, 2 were included in the Winged Victory Of Samothrace set and a single Sol was incuded as a pilot for the Speeder MK II (without a rifle)