Class three robotic body armour aka "The Clown". Edit

A simple and robust mechanized body armour worn by soldiers in the acid rain world. Smaller than a Laurel, the Clown is more discreet on the battlefield and can get into tighter spaces. Edit

Dubbed 'The Clown' because of the colourful paint schemes applied by units. Paint schemes were intended to draw fire away from ground troops toward the tough armoured suit. Some operators have been heard laughing hysterically inside the suit while firing the rotating cannon and wreaking destruction upon their enemies. Ground troops insist Clown operators are completely insane to take the heaviest hits inside their steel coffins. A statement solidified by the laughing. Operators insist the 'laughing' is in fact the hydraulic pumps chirping to keep up with the demands of the primary weapon and the cylinders inside the suit. Edit

The armoured suit is powerful yet heavy and is not conducive to operating independantly for long periods of time. Usually transported to the battlefield on trucks or other vehicles capable of supporting the weight. Edit

The armour takes over two hours to don and requires the assistance of a technician. The suit is powered by electric storage cells that can be recharged in a couple of hours from a vehicle battery or other source. The electric over hydraulic cylinders are activated by body movement thus giving a natural feel of motion. All components are inside the external steel armour and are effectively protected from external threat. Edit

The armour is strong and capable of withstanding heavy assault. The weakness is the meatbag inside. Most casualties appear to be from dehydration after 4-5 days trapped in the suit when it gets separated from the unit or stuck without power. Soldiers report finding full skeletons inside suits found in the battlefield. In rare cases, internal high pressure hydraulic leaks have occurred acting like a cutting torch inside the armour. Edit

Weaknesses are at the elbow joints where some exposed Kevlar is apparent with the elbow bent. Some operators have solved this by adding an extra plate at the joint. Edit

Only a handful of the Clown armour is still in operation due to lack of volunteers and missing units after battles. Additionally the heavy reliance on a mechanic for getting in and out of the armour makes it a less desireable option. The technology has been surpassed with the introduction of the Laurel. Edit

Despite this, the handful of robotic armour still in operation prove extremely effective in battle against light vehicles and ground troops. The ability to crush the enemy's skull with one hand appeals to the few remaining operators. Edit



Designed: January 1974 for rapid military requirement under the "no cost no limit" program instituted after nuclear and chemical engagement.

First unit: MRBA #1 prototype June 1974

"Clown" unit #23 mechanized robotic body armour;

Built: 1978

Serial No: CZ78f14h0023

Manufacturer: Hylec Industries

Drive: internal insulated high efficiency un brushed out runner 'smart star' electric motor over ram feed 60* screw lobe hydraulic pump, linear and gear actuated hydraulic cylinders. Hydraulic lines are GoodYear HD high flex rubber and Titanium/platinum alloy hard line. High impact grade Aeroquip fittings.

Structure: Blast dissipation relief design using magnetic molten formed steel alloy with Kevlar underlay. Interwoven heat dissapation/retention layer. Padded comfort layer with no inertial dampening.

Environment: Chemical and Radiation filtration cartridge type. UVA and UVB flash suppressant solar powered retinal crystal with adjustable delay.

Targeting system(add on upgrade 1987) night assist red illumination display with target highlighting. Basic one lane solid state processor. System fail, operators make grease pencil mark on retinal crystal.

Power source(s): Lead Acid Battery(superseded), Lithium Ion(superseded), EMGY hydr-Ion super capacitor (current), Rumored; Compact Hydrogen-Oxygen atmospheric primary mover with generator (self sufficient limitless operation)

Operational Support: mechanic/technician, overhead crane or other overhead lift mechanism, reloader support.

Armaments: M61-A1Vulcan reciprocating six barrel cannon. Hydraulic drive Electric firing With rate limiter. 6 barrel progressive RH parabolic twist, 9 grooves. 20x102mm 6000 round/minute capability linkless belt and ammunition backpack.

Rumored armaments; TST Chem-rail adapted M61-CR1 prototype designate multi barrel cannon with 20mm chemical drive initiate mag rail propelled ammunition. Residual chemical cloud from firing is harmful to troops near by without filtration masks. Ultra high velocity blended metal alloy projectile not approved under humanitarian convention armament act of 1991. Experimental hyper sonic anti tank round, molten jet on impact.

Weight: 488lbs (1043lbs with armaments)

Unit Cost: undisclosed or unknown


Front view unarmed


Back view unarmed

Clown 3

Clown3 armed


Clown 23 armed