Rumours stipulate Macer started off as a lowly Agurts Infantry soldier whose gifts of intelligence and problem solving were quickly identified by high command. During a confrontation with bandits in the Agurts town of Ayga he was secretly removed from the fire-fight and officially reported killed in action.

Macer was inducted into the Agurts Secret Service where he is responsible for the development and introduction of new technology to aid the war effort. He has access to many confidential files including the exploits of the Buck’s Team which he follows with great interest. A man of few words who prefers to act alone, Macer is proud that his abilities have been recognised and adopts a “perfectionist” touch to his work. His new found respect and authority has changed this once amicable man to a more pretentious and eccentric individual generally avoided by others.

All details on Macer are classified including his family history, rank and even appearance. Although a fine marksman he is deployed behind the scenes and possesses only a genuine World War 2 Luger for protection.

John McCrea 02/02/15