Arachne Laurel
Arachne Laurel

The Arachne Laurel is a new large mech used by the military forces of Agurts in the Acid Rain World. These Laurels are much larger than other versions possessing 4 tall “spider like” legs attached to a Laurel core. These legs provide much improved balance, speed and the ability to cross terrain no other vehicles could attempt. The Arachne stands much taller than other Laurel versions, possibly around 12 – 15 feet high.

Enemy forces may concentrate firepower on the mech’s thin spider legs to affect mobility and offset balance. As the pilot’s head is exposed for improved visibility, this Laurel core is not sealed against toxic fumes, chemical/biological weaponry or radiation.

Like Sand and Viking Laurels this model has one humanoid arm with articulated hand and one arm with a large encased repeating cannon. The use of the humanoid arm is unknown given it’s limited reach against the mech’s legs radius. The pilot must also be a skill gunner as there is the possibility of accidently shooting one of the Laurels own legs.

The Arachne prototype was first photographed in quarter 3 2014, it is unknown how this mech will be painted, no details are currently available on the pilot figure and no release date has been provided.