Marine Laurel Pilot 1
Marine Laurel Pilot 2

Laurel Marine Pilot

The final version of the Marine Laurel Pilot were first seen on Acid Rain World creator Kit Lau's Instagram page on 12/02/15. The figure closely resembles Kit's artwork posted in 2nd quarter 2014.

These Laurel operators must be skilled in modern technology available to the Agurt's forces and are most likely put through rigorous multi tasked training in repair, weapons, communication and tactics. Laurels can most likely operate individually or as part of a team.   

The figure consists of a typical Marine Corporal body, colour scheme and armour as well as a newly designed helmet with moving vizor. There is no evidence to suggest this figure will be released with a weapon. Different photos have depicted some of the Laurel Pilots with belts similar to those included with Buck's team member Steel.

An unmasked version was posted on Instagram on 15/03/15 showing the vizor raised and the pilots face revealed. This suggested that the pilot relies on the vizor for both an additional visual display as well as protection against both pollution and enemies. Kit's photos of this figure illustrated 2 different markings on the vizor, one with "KL" writing (most likely meaning Kit Lau) and the other in a skull design. It would appear the general release will be the skull version.

This figure was an instant hit with Acid Rain World fans who eagerly anticipate the May 2015 release. It is currently unclear whether this figure will be a template for future Laurel Pilots.