King (Bucks Team)

King is portrayed as a serious no nonsense soldier in the Acid Rain World. He has taken command of known remaining Bucks Team members Jack and Steel after Bob’s departure. King is known to be loyal to their former chief after the events leading to the disbandment of Bucks and will not tolerate petty insults or questions asked of Bob’s devotion, decisions or leadership skills.

"Be careful of your words." King, the man who has been keeping his eyes closed finally said, "Think about the Old Man, he has sacrificed what he had to safeguard our security."

After deciphering the code in Bob’s handbook, Damien identifies King as the new commanding officer of the Bucks and addresses

King 2
his letter to him. Once King has decoded and read the letter, he realises for the first time that Bob has been killed. The monotonous gunfire around him sounds like a tribute to a true hero.

The remaining Bucks under Kings leadership no longer operate as a Secret Service but are described as “raiders”.

The King figure prototype was first displayed in 3rd quarter 2014, he is armed with a submachine gun, wrist attached baton and an original armor and helmet/mask combo.  This figure is expected to be released in May 2015.