The Forseti are a specialized heavy weather subdivision of Agurts infantry mainly operating in snow and blizzard conditions. They are kitted out in thick insulated armor and full protective headgear to aid efficiency. Known armaments include the lightweight infantry sub machine gun which is suited to fast movement and limited visibility in extreme conditions. 

Forseti are presumably based on both mountain ranges either side of the Agurts region providing defensive cover from both Omangan invasion from the northwest and Soil Ghost strikes from the northeast. Also, given the variable weather in the Acid Rain World, these infantry can operate in frozen desert conditions. Presently the only known mechanized support for Forseti is the Viking Laurel which can provide added firepower and mobility. Due to the harsh conditions Forseti should have to undergo additional survival training and possess superior engineering skills to deal with any equipment issues.

Forseti were first introduced at the Hong Kong Toy Soul 2014, their release date is currently supposed to be August 2016.

Forseti 2