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Mannerheim was born and raised in Agurts, son of a high ranking member of parliament. He had a privileged upbringing and attended the best military training school in Agurts.  His Father had always wanted him to go into the Military at a higher rank than other enlistees, and used his influential powers in the Government to ensure he entered the Agurts Infantry as an Officer.

After many years serving in the Zamaii Region, commanding the protective Caravans Mannerheim was given a Battalion of Agurts Infantry Soldiers and was tasked to quell attacks from the “Soil Ghost” Deserts.  The Campaign lasted 6 months and although taking heavy losses, Mannerheim returned triumphant, claiming to have destroyed more than 10 Soil Ghost Villages and liquidated an entire tribe of Soil Ghosts, the revered “White Gauntlets”.

Mannerheim was promoted to Field Marshal in 1995, which gave him overall control of all Military Units deployed in the field.  The only person commanding more control than him in Agurts is High General Kappelle.