Laurel Evolve

Evolution Of The Laurel


This section is based on information provided through Acid Rain World creator Kit Lau’s notebook and was shared through Instagram on 08/06/15. This is a continuation of The Evolution Of The Agurts War Machine post.

Stage 1 Is the introduction of the new Laurel system by the Agurts Military

Stage 2 Shows how the Laurel design was used to create 4 separate machines, Marine , Airborne, Arachne and an unknown wheeled vehicle.

Stage 3 Illustrates how the Marine version of the Laurel was developed into military versions, the Sand and Viking Shield as well as the civic machine in the form of the Worker Laurel.

Stage 4 Explains how the Worker Laurel design was sold by Agurts to other countries for numerous uses. There is also a development of the Sand Laurel into the unseen Sand G/A/R version.

Stage 5 Shows how when civic Laurels are sold to other countries they are put to use. Examples displayed include a Rescue, a heavily armoured Riot Squad and a Training version.

Kit has stated that this information is not a production schedule and many of these vehicles will not be released as collectibles.