The WF series Beaver was an industrial and community development based vehicle used in Agurts before the county became under attack and the need for mobilization arose.  The vehicle was initially developed for community development mainly in the town of Zamaii.

Early models of the Beaver were made from imported materials. Because the Zamaii people were aware of the pollution caused by fossil fuels they invented and installed an eco-friendly engine with the ability to extract hydrogen from the air, stabilizing the gas and therefore creating an unlimited supply of energy.
Beaver 1
Beaver 2
The Beaver series was a success. The fourth generation (types A to E) were in use for industry and agriculture when an invasion force from an unknown militant organization broke into Zamaii. As the need for defensive and offensive mobilization increased, the template for the Beaver developed to create the main defending force of the Zamaii and Agurts region, the ST-1 Stronghold.

In the Acid Rain World story, Damien was able to retrieve this information from Bob’s notebook, teaching him how the Zamaii people used existing resources to contribute to the war. The Beaver is similar to the Stronghold as it can transform into both a humanoid mech used for industrial means (a larger version of the Laurel Worker) or remain as a bulkier tracked vehicle which can aid with heavy duty transportation and agriculture. The vehicle is controlled by a single operator in an open cockpit and has a hatch accessible rear storage compartment for either goods or a second person.

The Beaver prototype was first displayed at Hong Kong Toy Soul 2014 and is expected to be released in 2015.