Marine Infantry

Marine 1
Marine 2
Marine 3

The Marine Infantry were revealed at the start of September 2016 via Kit’s Instagram account. 2 Photos were shown showing a number of these new infantry troops and their new design.

Based on the Agurts 88th infantry these figures appear to use the same webgear/rig which also includes a large backpack. Marine infantry use the same helmet as their desert counterparts except in green and have the Marine trademark Skull on their gas masks. Issues with the Agurts Infantry included the “skirt” causing the shoulder straps to rise affecting posing, this has been remedied here with the removal of said skirt and a new camouflage soft gear vest underneath.

Marine Infantry are armed with the same sub machinegun/bayonet weapon as the Forseti and also include a small automatic pistol. Included with the figure appears to be food rations in tin cans.

The scheduled release for this figure is due to be November 2016