Accessory Pack
Accessory Set

On 17th April 2016 a photo appeared on Kit Lau's Instagram illustrating two figures sporting a range of new accessories.

The figure on the left appears to be a standard body painted black with a new headsculpt of a male wearing what could be a diving mask complete with rebreather. This figure also has a new webgear attached to a backpack and until further photos of this are available the purpose of this can not be determined, it does not appear to be any kind of breathing tanks suggesting that this figure is not solely a Diver but a prototype made up of numerous new parts.

The figure on the right consists of a Forseti body with the same webgear and backpack combination. He differs though by sporting another new headsculpt, this time a partially revealed face with some kind of breathing apparatus/mask, it is unknown if this is another version of underwater attire or for another purpose. This figure also has a new weapon. This is similar in style to the Agurts Sub Machine Gun with subtle differences such as an extra rail on top, a slanted magazine and a fixed bayonet.

It is not certain if these figures are new completed characters or kit bashed from upcoming releases but as Kit has mentioned that he is working on an accessory pack hopefully released in 2016, fans have speculated that these new heads, packs and weapons are components of this future product.

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