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"Green Army Men" Jeep

The Green Army Jeep is an exclusive first seen on Acid Rain World creator Kit Lau’s Instagram page on 28/04/15. This is a vehicle resembling a retro style green army men jeep in 1/18 scale. This is the first Acid Rain World vehicle not seen on general release painted in Marine or Sand style. The set includes green versions of numerous weapons including Steel’s rocket launcher and an  Agurts infantry sub machine gun, heavy hand pistol and chain-gun.  The Jeep can sit 2 figures upfront and a further 2 in the rear and has a flip down windshield frame. Though predominately green the wheels and spare tyre on the back (reuse of  the MK2 Speeder wheels) are painted black matching the retro jeep this is based on. There is a photo suggesting that the release will include a green Sol Commander figure.  The Green Army Jeep is deemed to be an exclusive release for a forthcoming toy con possibly in Thailand 2nd quarter 2015.